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Embark On The Mountain Bike Adventure
Of A Lifetime

San Juan Huts Embark on a multi-day mountain biking journey from Moab, Utah, and immerse yourself in breathtaking terrains. This remarkable experience promises an adventure and the creation of cherished lifelong memories.

The San Juan Huts system trail spans hundreds of miles, starting in Moab and extending towards the high mountains of Ouray, Telluride, and Durango. With 30 years of history, it offers an incredible backcountry 'hut-to-hut' trail experience.

Choose from four routes: Telluride to Moab, Durango to Moab, Telluride to Gateway, and Durango to Paradox. These trails cater to riders of all levels, combining technical single-track sections with scenic dirt roads.

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San Juan Huts: The Adventure of a Lifetime


San Juan Huts Shuttle Meeting Locations


Meeting Your Shuttle

We know that every trip is unique, just like our riders. So, why stick to one pick-up point, right? Our shuttle will meet you wherever you're staying, whether that's a hotel or a private residence. Don't worry about the specifics now – we'll sort out the pick-up details once your reservation is locked in.

Got a car you need to stash somewhere during the trip? No problem! We suggest parking your wheels at the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Moab hotel. It's safe, convenient, and lets you kick off your trip without any fuss.



Moab to Telluride
1-4 Riders


Moab to Telluride
5-8 Riders


Moab to Durango
1-4 Riders


Moab to Durango
5-8 Riders

We currently offer four mountain bike shuttle options. We charge a flat rate determined by the size of the group. Four passengers or less will be shuttled in a standard vehicle. Five or more passengers will be shuttled in a 15-passenger van allowing everyone to spread out.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, and American Express.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, and American Express



The San Juan Huts Experience

Set in the heart of Southwest Colorado, the San Juan Hut trail system invites adventures for a 215-mile journey from the Colorado Plateau to Moab Utah. Navigating this trail, you traverse the stunning Weminuche Wilderness Area, discover historic mining sites, and enjoy fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities.

This adventure requires endurance, determination, and map-reading skills. The trail ascends to elevations over 12,000 feet, and riders must navigate unmarked routes, find the huts, and fend for themselves. It's a challenging but rewarding journey, pushing riders to their limits and providing a sense of solitude and self-reliance.

Despite its challenges, the San Juan Huts trail offers an awe-inspiring, life-changing experience. Over multiple days, riders are immersed in the wilderness, disconnected from the outside world, making it a unique and unforgettable journey. With months of advance planning and preparation, this trail is a testament to human endurance and spirit, offering an adventure that will last a lifetime.

Leaving the San Juan Huts



What To Bring

  • Mountain Bike (Well Maintained)
  • Bikers Bible
  • Helmet
  • Hydration pack with a 2 to 3 liter reservoir with storage capacity for jackets, gloves, sandwich, etc.

  • Water bottles, when combined with hydration pack at least 3 liters carrying capacity per rider.

  • Bike bags of a 20 liter capacity or less that fit your bike. See Repair Kits and Bike Bags/ Panniers.

  • Lighter and a small candle for emergency ‘bivy’ fire starter.

  • Headlamp and spare battery. (Flashlights are difficult to handle when two hands are required for a task… and generally, they are).

  • Sleeping bag liner 33”x72,” or there about, depending on your height. Many good options are available on the market, check with your outdoor store or online. 1.8 or 2 oz. silk or nylon sewn in a dimensioned rectangle work well.

  • Repair Kit
  • Maps and Hut Key (provided by San Juan Huts when payment is full and all paperwork is in)
  • Navigational Aids (GPS)
  • Small Backpack
  • First Aid Kit

Below is a list of recommended items you should include in your First Aid Kit:

  • Iodine tablets. Can be used in a small amount of water to help disinfect wounds or normally as water purification.

  • Adhesive tape. We suggest the cloth/athletic type of tape.

  • Antibiotic ointment.

  • Ibuprofen or the equivalent, check with your group for allergies to Aspirin.

  • Gauze

  • Non-stick and regular gauze pads, lots for road rash

  • Small scissors capable of cutting tape and Mole foam effectively. Often on Leatherman.

  • Benadryl for bites and allergic reactions. If a member of the group is allergic to nuts, bee stings or other serious allergies bring epi pen/s. This is not a place where help is around the corner and anaphylactic shock can be a life threatening condition.

  • Sunscreen, a minimum of SPF 30.

  • SPF 20 lip balm.

  • Chamois cream like Butt Butter to prevent saddle sores.

  • Insect Repellent, bring a small bottle.


The View from a San Juan Hut


Learn More About The
San Juan Hut Systems

The San Juan Hut trail system in Colorado offers "hut-to-hut" backcountry tours supported by isolated mountain huts across Colorado and Utah's best mountain biking trails.

The tour requires careful planning and preparation. San Juan Huts provides a Biker Bible, detailed trail descriptions, and a GPX file upon booking.

On this trail are 16 isolated huts spaced 30-40 miles apart, linked by a network of singletrack trails and routes extending from the high mountains near Telluride, Ouray, and Durango to the slick rock of Moab​.

While simplifying the entire process by providing fully stocked huts, San Juan Huts gives riders a minimalist experience and the ability to stay in the backcountry longer without having to weigh themselves down with all the essentials associated with self-supported bike packing. Despite the physical challenges and harsh conditions, many riders find the experience life-changing.

For more information: San Juan Huts



Our Shuttles

Our shuttles feature custom racks specifically designed to transport bikes in a safe manner ensuring the best care and least wear and tear for your trusted steed.

We also provide adequate room to accommodate larger groups with gear in our 15-passenger vans.

Average shuttle drive times are three to four hours, depending on the drop-off location and the group's efficiency during the loading and unloading process.

Bikes need to be complete (wheels mounted) and fork-mounted accessories removed before loading.

Please be ready to load 15 minutes prior to departure time.

Our driver's are always appreciative of a tip. If you were satisfied with your experience please feel free to show your appreciation by tipping your driver.

Our Shuttles


  • 215

    Miles of Trail

    End to end the San Juan Huts trail offers 215 miles of adventure

  • 42%

    Maximum Grade

    The steepest section of the trail, expressed as a percentage, is 42%

  • 30K

    Accumulated Vertical Feet

    From hut to hut, with each hut spaced 30-40 miles from the other

  • 5%

    Average Grade

    The average section of the trail, expressed as a percentage, is 5%



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